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Incompetencies in Core Academic Areas





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Math Concepts: Multiple Step Process 


How does  Academic Coaching helps?

A coach partners with the student and focuses on learning executive skills which in turn helps the student excel in school and beyond. 

What are Executive Skills?

Execute Skills are a set of mental skills that helps things get done. These skills are control by an area of the brain call frontal lobe. Some of them are: Prioritizing, Planning, Decision Making, Reflection, and Organizing.

Academic Coaching vs Tutoring

In tutoring the emphasis is given more on the subject and its concepts. On the other hand in academic coaching the emphasis is given on developing personalized study and learning skills. Some of them are:

1. Homework Skills

2. Time Management

3. Prioritization

4. Decision making

5. Goal Setting 

6. Test Preparation

7. Reading Strategies

8. Motivation and much more.

Who should take Coaching?


Students who struggle in school or college can greatly benefit from academic coaching.


How does a Coach help?


The Coach can develop goals and action plans to resolve their issues as well as strategically examine class materials to find efficient ways to study and improve their performance.

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