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Academic Coaching

My name is Seema Ahmed. I am a certified Academic Coach specializing in Executive Functioning Deficits, mainly in ADHD and Autism. I am excited to share my exact roadmap, which will help you overcome your child's Social, Personal, and Academic struggles. 

My Coaching Process: The 5S Signature Program

Step 1:



One on one call to understand all the struggles.

Step 2:


Create a personalized plan to practice the skills through assessment

Step 3:

Skill Practice

Behavior Replacement through Modifications  





Feedback & Support  through  Email and Chat

Step 5:




Empowerment for lifelong

Your child will learn to grow in these key areas such as..


➤ Reading Techniques

➤ Comprehension

➤ Note Taking

➤ Handwriting Skills

➤ Writing Skills 

➤ Paying Attention

➤ Homework Skills

➤ Managing Assignments

➤ Planning and Prioritizing

➤ Scheduling Classes

➤ Managing Stress



➤ Time Management
➤ Avoiding Negative Self Talk
➤ Organizational Skills
➤ Establishing Goals
➤ Decision Making
➤ Establishing Routines
➤ Attention and Focus
➤ Conflict Resolution
➤ Leadership
➤ Self Motivation
➤ Adaptability



➤ Making Friends
➤ Keeping Friends
➤ Getting along in group situations
➤ Establishing Balance
➤ Active Listening
➤ Appropriate Classroom Behavior
➤ Communication Skills
➤ Following Directions
➤ Asking Help
➤ Public Speaking
➤ Develop Self Esteem

I will also share three tools on how you can use the right techniques and methods in achieving your goals.

Tool 1: Executive Skills


By understanding the weak and strong executive skills(mental abilities) you can not only understand your child as an expert but also learn where to lower your expectations

Tool 2: Parent's Instincts


This tool will not only help you overcome any limiting beliefs you have for your child but also gives you direction in setting up the right goals for your child.


Tool 3: Behavior Modifications


Here you can create Rituals, Routines, and Environments according to your child's personality. 

Contact me for a free consultation

(630) 808 8861

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