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Reach Your Full Potential with ADHD Coaching

Overcome your struggle with ADHD to reclaim your independence

Can you relate to these problems?

Low Self Esteem                        Struggle in Academics

Procrastination                                 Depression

Communication Issues                     Lack of Impulse Control

Video Game Addiction                     Trouble Making Friends

Homework Struggles                        Emotional Meltdown

Lets Restructure YOUR Point Of Performance To Overcome The Above Problems.

Contact ME for Free Consultation |  Tel: 630 - 808 - 8861

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The first step is to ACCEPT the disorder.

Not getting ENOUGH SLEEP can worse the symptoms.

 Prescribed MEDICATION can significantly help manage ADHD.

Externalizing TIME can help set the internal clock.

Planners are a great way to get organized and stay on task.


Alarms and Timers can work as REMINDERS to finish task on time.

Eating healthy FOOD and EXERCISE can help cope with the symptoms.

Greater REWARDS can create positive emotions and encouragement.


 In addition to all the above working with ME can definitely create  balance in YOUR Life.

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